Quality is in details

MARQQA creates exclusive, timeless and high-quality pieces of furniture.

Marqqa products are designed and produced in Portugal, taking advantage of the quality of our craftsmen and the experience in the production of exclusive furniture. Our attention to detail and choice of materials, coupled with the desire to create timeless pieces, makes the Living collection a perfect choice for those seeking quality and excellence.

Polished Stainless Steel Structure – Customizable Furniture – MARQQA Furniture
Wood – Customizable Furniture – MARQQA Furniture

MARQQA designs furniture that organizes and improves your everyday life.

LIVING is a collection developed by Marqqa that seeks to innovate the concept of furniture, creating pieces that adapt to different needs, styles and spaces. The collection is composed of different structures and tops that combined create a console table, a side table, a coat stand or a tea trolley.


The Living system is designed to accommodate everyday objects.

It is very functional as it adapts to everyone’s needs, the same structure allows different uses depending on the tops and finishes chosen. It is also modular, which means it can be easily changed whenever you want.

Living – Tops – MARQQA Furniture
Shelf – Pot – MARQQA Furniture
Charging Box – Power Strip – MARQQA Furniture


It is customizable.

Adaptable to different spaces, needs and styles. Choosing different structures, tops and finishes you can customize your own furniture, creating unique and exclusive pieces that adapt to all kinds of environments.

It is functional.

Living structures and tops serve different functionalities, the collection was carefully designed to organize everyday objects and support daily tasks.

It embraces new technologies.

Store your mobile devices while they are charging using our charging or laptop box.

It is flexible.

The same set allows different combinations by changing the position of the tops. Change the look whenever you want and adapt your set to your daily needs, improve your everyday.

It is modular.

Thanks to its modularity and the ease of fitting you can create numerous solutions. It also allows a progressive purchase.

Console Table – Customizable Furniture – MARQQA Furniture
Console Table – Customizable Furniture – MARQQA Furniture
Console Table – Customizable Furniture – MARQQA Furniture
Customizable Furniture – MARQQA Furniture

LIVING’s system is extremely versatile.

Customize your LIVING choosing between 7 structures and 18 different tops.

Create and change your composition according to your needs. Combining structures and tops with different functions and finishes, you can create totally customized unique pieces. The variety of finishes available allows to adjust the pieces to the style of each space, integrating in classic or minimalist environments.

Console Table – Wood – Gold – BEATRICE by MARQQA Furniture
Side Table – Coat Stand – MARQQA Furniture
Tea Trolley – Wood – Gold – PATRICK by MARQQA Furniture

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