SOPHIE tea trolley


Dimension: 875x418x800mm


Description: Tea trolley composed of 1 lacquered steel structure and 3 tops in lacquered MDF. The Living tops have a recess that allows a simple fit into the structure and you can easily change the order of placement.

This tea trolley includes

Tea Trolley Structure – Metal – White – MARQQA Furniture

1 Tea trolley structure

Lacquered steel – white

Small Top – Lacquered – Dark Green – MARQQA Furniture

1 Small top

Lacquered – dark green

Box – Lacquered – White – MARQQA Furniture

1 Box

Lacquered – white

Large Tray – Lacquered – Light Green – MARQQA Furniture

1 Large tray

Lacquered – light green

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