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  1. General

Marqqa products are designed and produced in Portugal, taking advantage of the quality of our craftsmen and the experience in the production of exclusive furniture.

Marqqa is open Monday through Friday 9am–13pm and 14pm-18pm (Western European Time).

Exceptionally we close on the following holidays:

January 1, Carnival, Good Friday, Easter, April 25, May 1, Corpus Christi, June 10 and 24, August 15, October 5, November 1, December 1, 8 and 25.

The warranty period of Marqqa products is 3 years from the delivery date. For more information please see our Terms & Conditions.

Marqqa products are produced to your needs. To ensure this customization we manufacture your order after your request.

The production time is 6 to 8 weeks. The shipping time depends on destination country. For more information please contact us.

2. Furniture Collection (Living System)

The LIVING collection consists of 7 structures and 18 different tops.

Combining the different structures, tops and finishes it is possible to create hundreds of combinations. In this way you can customize your LIVING and create a piece that suits you.

First you have to choose the function of your structure: console table, tea trolley, side table or coat stand. Then you can choose, within the available options, the desired structure length. You can also choose between fixed feet or wheels.

The Living system offers 12 small tops and 6 large tops. Small tops fill 1 module of the structure while large tops fill 2 modules.

You can choose between simple tops, trays, boxes or shelfs, just to name a few. Every LIVING top has a function such as: placing everyday objects (keys, letters, plants, etc…), serving snacks and drinks, storing books, newspapers and magazines, hanging coats and hats, placing down umbrellas, charging  tablets and smartphones or storing your laptop while it charges.

The LIVING structures can be in matt lacquered steel (white or black) or polished stainless steel (gold or silver).

The LIVING tops are produced in solid wood and MDF (medium density fiberboard). The tops can be veneered with natural oak leaf or lacquered. If you select a veneered top you can choose from 3 different tones. In case you opt for a lacquered top, you can choose between 9 different colors.

Yes, you can order our sample box before your purchase. The cost of this box will be refunded if, within 30 days, you make a purchase over €500.

Please click here for more information.

LIVING is a system that allows continuous evolutions. Our creative team is always looking for new solutions that complement our product.

We are also open to suggestions, we want customers to communicate their needs, interacting and following the evolution of the product. If you have a suggestion please contact us.

On our website you can see which structures, tops, accessories and finishes are available to create your LIVING.

You can also contact us and our team will help you choose the best solution for you.

Yes, we can send you a simulation of the set you wish to customize. Please contact us indicating which structure, tops and finishes you prefer.

With the exception of the “Coat Stand” top, which can only be used in the shorter structure (side table/coat stand structure), all other LIVING tops can be used in any structure. However, if you use the “Magazine Box” or the “Shelf” tops in the shorter structure (side table/coat stand structure), you can only use it at the top level of the structure with no top on the level below. For more information please see our Examples of Use document. 

There is a maximum limit of tops for each structure but there is no minimum limit. You do not need to fill the whole structure. You can complete your structure over time. Please see our Examples of Use document to find out all the possibilities. 

The charging box has two different versions: with power strip (PS) or wireless charger (WI).

The power strip version includes 1 socket and 2 USB charging ports (type A and C), so it is suitable for all devices.

The wireless version provides 15 Watts of charging power. It should work with all devices with wireless charging capability however it was only tested on the following devices: Samsung S7, Samsung S8, Samsung Note 9, Samsung S9+, Samsung S10, iPhone 8P, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Xiaomi Mix 2S, Xiaomi 9, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Google Pixel 3. The wireless charging box compartment is 225x160mm, so you can only charge devices smaller than this.

The electrification system is available in the following socketsplugs: schuko (SC), british (UK) and american (US nema).

If you need another type of outlet please contact us so we can analyze this possibility.

The laptop box compartment is 410x320mm so this box fits most laptops with 15 or less inches.

The power strip comes with 1 socket and 2 USB chargers (Type A + C). The electrification system is available in the following sockets/plugs: schuko (SC), british (UK) and american (US nema).

If you need another type of outlet please contact us so we can analyze this possibility.

The “Top Pad” accessory was designed to fit into the following LIVING tops: “Small Divided Tray”, “Envelope Tray”, “Charging Box” and “Large Divided Tray”.

To facilitate transport, the LIVING structure comes disassembled. However, it is quite simple to assemble, you only have to tighten a few screws. We provide the instructions and the key. It can be assembled by only one person and, on average, takes no more than 15 minutes. The LIVING tops have a recess that allows a simple fit into the LIVING structure. You don’t need tools to put these elements together. This feature allows you to change the position of the tops whenever you want.

Please click here to read our Care and Maintenance Guide.

3. Rug Collection

All of our rugs are made from 100% New Zealand wool which is known for its quality. Its pile is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. The whiteness of this wool allows for an exceptional range of rich and clean colors.

This animal fiber is collected in accordance with the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), which means that the wool comes from respectfully treated sheep and goats that eat and rest on treated land responsibly and conscientiously. Our wool is fully biodegradable because it is made from natural proteins. For that reason, wool is extremely durable, which means that rugs will last for many years without showing any signs of wear.

Marqqa rugs are produced using the hand tufting technique. Our rugs are handcrafted with the support of a special tufting gun, using high quality wool. Once this step is completed, to achieve the desired shape and length of the pile (excepting in loop pile rugs), these are trimmed with the aid of scissors. This entire process, quite manual, makes each rug unique and exclusive.

Not necessarily, it depends on where it will be placed. The weight and the material of the back of the rug, in most cases, is sufficient to keep the rug stable.

This is a normal characteristic of hand tufted rugs and its natural fibers and should never be considered a quality defect. Regular vacuuming will help to significantly reduce shedding.

Yes, you can order samples before you purchase a product. The cost of these samples will be refunded if you buy a rug within 30 days.

You can order a sample by adding them to your cart on each product page.

Please click here to read our Size Guide. You will find tips and rules that will help you make the best decision. However, if you still have questions, contact us and we will help you choose the best solution for you.

If you are not pleased with the standard sizes please send us the desired measurements and we will prepare a tailor-made proposal for you!

In our ‘Plain’ models you can choose between cut or looped pile. You can also choose between with or without fringe to finish off the rug.

Yes, the colors of our rugs match the finishes of our furniture, creating a complete and integrated interior design.

Please click here to read our Care and Maintenance Guide.

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