Flexible, contemporary furniture that meets your modern needs — that’s what we do best at MARQQA. Each piece is meant to adapt to everyday objects and elevate your home.

MARQQA creates exclusive, timeless, and high-quality pieces of furniture.

Quality is in the details. With our attention to detail and choice of materials, coupled with the desire to create exclusive furniture, we’ve created furniture collections that are a perfect choice for those seeking quality and excellence. MARQQA pieces highlight a flexible, modern furniture design that adapts to any style — and to any object you may have.

With the right pieces, you can enhance the look and functionality of your home. Go and organize your hall better with our modular furniture. Make your work-from-home setup cozier with our stunning custom furniture. Elevate your interiors with exclusive MARQQA pieces.

Polished Stainless Steel Structure – Customizable Furniture – MARQQA Furniture
Wood – Customizable Furniture – MARQQA Furniture

MARQQA designs modern furniture that organizes and improves your everyday life.

Creating functional and flexible furniture that makes everyday life easier is MARQQA’s mission. Each piece is versatile, adapting to different spaces, needs, and styles. A console table can quickly turn into a tea trolley or a side table into a coat stand — without losing its sleek design. Pick tops, finishes, and accessories that best suit your needs, and you can improve your daily living with ease.

Discover our exclusive rugs and give a more comfortable look to your living room. The colors of our rugs match the finishes of our furniture, creating a complete and integrated interior design.

Our furniture style, combined with its functionality, creates modern furniture solutions for your home. But our job doesn’t stop there. We’re constantly developing new collections of furniture, decors, and other pieces to meet the changing needs of modern homeowners.

Entrance Table – ELLA by MARQQA Furniture
Modern Tea Trolley – CHLOE by MARQQA Furniture
Entrance Table – ELLA by MARQQA Furniture

MARQQA is a team of passionate and innovative designers and craftsmen.

Our modern furniture stands out for its originality, innovation, and quality. That’s the result of the vision and work of a team that continues to innovate the concept of furniture without losing the passion for design and craftsmanship. MARQQA products are made in Portugal, relying on the experience of our best craftsmen.

Modern Furniture_Craftsmanship-Wood_MARQQA

MARQQA collections introduce luxury home products — from modern wooden furniture to natural wool rugs. Feel free to customize them with our available high-end finishes.


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